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Strays & Owner Surrenders

Stray Animal Protocol: Georgia's Law and Reuniting Owners

In Georgia, by law, all stray animals must go to their county animal control shelter for their stray hold so they have the best opportunity to reunite with the owners. If you have found a stray, please contact Walton County Animal Control at 770-267-1322, or the county animal control where the animal was found.

Owner Surrender Guidelines: Walton County Residents

We accept owner surrenders from Walton County residents and by appointment only. If you can no longer care for your pet, please submit a request form with as much detail as you can regarding the health and behavior of your animal.

We are very limited on space, especially for large dogs and adult cats. Owner surrender appointments may take weeks for these types of animals, if they are available at all. 

We are committed to preserving the human animal bond wherever possible and may choose to offer resources such as behavior training, pet food, spay/neuter or other medical services in lieu of accepting your pet for surrender.

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