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Humane Society of Walton County has a few paid staff members, but the large majority of our work is done by unpaid volunteers. No matter what your time commitment or interest is, we need your support! Daily volunteers clean kennels, feed and medicate animals, and help with the adoption process.

Please check out our volunteering page for more information.


Foster homes open their homes to provide love and care to animals that are unadoptable due to behavioral, medical, or space reasons.All the animals in our care are either unclaimed strays or were surrendered for adoption by their previous owners. We may be biased, but we believe we have some of the cutest and sweetest pets around. So whether you're looking to adopt today or just wanting to look around, we'd love to help you meet our adoptable dogs and cats.
Please check out our foster page for more information.

Community Cats

Community Cats are free roaming, outdoor cats that are typically unowned. One thing we know about cats is that they are really good at making more cats. Through our community cat program, we sterilize, vaccinate, and return healthy, outdoor cats living in Walton County. This keeps them healthy, controls the population, and mitigates nuisance behavior.

Please check out our Community Cats page for more information.

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Donate now to support the daily care of homeless animals and help to bring about a time where Walton is a no-kill county.