a woman in a white hat and white shirt holding a leash in a cage


Foster Homes Needed: Help Animals in Need

Wanting to help an animal with specific behavior or medical needs? A pregnant or nursing mom? Neonatal kittens? Fostering is for you!

We place animals in foster homes when we are out of room at the adoption center or when they are not ready to go up for adoption yet. We will provide you with all the supplies - food, crates, toys, blankets, cleaning supplies, etc - all you have to provide is a space in your home and daily care.

If you are interested in fostering, please contact our foster coordinator, Juli Tredwell at juli.tredwell@gmail.com.

Every penny makes
a difference!

Donate now to support the daily care of homeless animals and help to bring about a time where Walton is a no-kill county.